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11th may: TEGEL – Jail Picket

11th may – 3 pm – JVA Tegel / Bernhard-Lichtenberg-Platz, Berlin

With regard to “Subversive May”, we want to express our solidarity with the inmates in front of the walls of Tegel Prison and loudly with them. In the jails there are also comrades that make it again and again to establish connections to other inmates and our struggles.

These connections are important in order not to forget the desire for freedom in the hearts of the state and continue to fight for it. The people in these dungeons are the result of a society that aims at the violent and mass discipline of the people. The recently published news of a planned extension of the “shelter” for detainees in secure detention in Tegel is therefore part of this authoritarian logic. We take this day , as we are “free”, to smash the prison system and support those who are locked up and their struggles.  To bring down the power relations and any prison wall!

Subversive May 2019: In solidarity with the captured companions* in Italy!

Against all authority and repression!

In Turin and Trento, 14 people are accused of forming a subversive association, inciting crime, and possessing, manufacturing and transporting explosives to a public place. Furthermore, the operation “Scripta Manent”, where the public prosecutor’s office demands a total of 204 years in prison for the attacks of the Informal Anarchist Federation and the operation “Panico”, where 3 companions are accused of having attacked a fascist library with an explosive device, is still running.

Those who have decided to oppose any domination in the social conflict must live with the constant uncertainty of sooner or later being held accountable for their own actions by the opponents of freedom and self-determination. The idea and the longing of a society liberated from exploitation and oppression should thus be nipped in the bud. Continue reading Subversive May 2019: In solidarity with the captured companions* in Italy!

Subversive may 2019 – against all prisons, with or without walls

International solidarity and complicity with the accused and imprisoned anarchists

Through this call we want to expand the single day of the anarchist 1st May 2019 in Berlin to a full month of solidarity.
The decision of which form the solidarity will take (information events, discussions, direct attacks) lies within the conflictuality of the individuals themselves and the context in which they are moving in.

There are many faces of the daily misery within the current society(/the story of the daily misery has many faces): People being forced out of their living spaces due to the capitalist commodification of housing; people are labelled “illegal” because some fucking paper is declared “invalid”; bored faces staring at their smart phone like zombies, while in their precarity they go to work to barely keep their heads above water; or the ones behind prison walls, because they didn’t play by the rules of the state and the capital. Continue reading Subversive may 2019 – against all prisons, with or without walls