11th may: TEGEL – Jail Picket

11th may – 3 pm – JVA Tegel / Bernhard-Lichtenberg-Platz, Berlin

With regard to “Subversive May”, we want to express our solidarity with the inmates in front of the walls of Tegel Prison and loudly with them. In the jails there are also comrades that make it again and again to establish connections to other inmates and our struggles.

These connections are important in order not to forget the desire for freedom in the hearts of the state and continue to fight for it. The people in these dungeons are the result of a society that aims at the violent and mass discipline of the people. The recently published news of a planned extension of the “shelter” for detainees in secure detention in Tegel is therefore part of this authoritarian logic. We take this day , as we are “free”, to smash the prison system and support those who are locked up and their struggles.  To bring down the power relations and any prison wall!