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    Infotalk about repression against anarchists in Russia

    19:00KØPI (Köpenicker Straße 137)

    Documentary on “ The Network” about the criminal case against anarchists in Russia. with Vokü
    Since 2017 persecutions against anarchists in Russia have intensified. Over the last two years Russian security services have initiated eight criminal cases within Russia and the occupied Crimea and filed charges against over 20 anarchists. And these are just the publicly known cases. Most people in these cases were first abducted by FSB agents who tortured them by electrocution and beat them up, sometimes for several days, and then brought them to court after getting the testimonies they needed. Most charges are of participating in or organizing terrorist activities, preparing terrorist attacks and/or justifying terrorism. Around 10 people have had to leave the country and ask for asylum in Europe (including Germany).